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Unveil the Sparkle with Golden Cleaning Services!

Your business deserves a golden touch, and we're committed to brilliance. From dust-laden desks in offices to the grease-hidden corners of industrial kitchens, Golden Cleaning Services is your knight in shining armor!


We don't just clean; we rejuvenate, refresh, and revitalize your commercial spaces, ensuring every nook and cranny gleams with pride. Our spectrum of services is a golden ticket to a pristine, professional environment where success thrives.

Choose Golden, where every swipe of our cloth is a step towards perfection. Experience unparalleled cleanliness with a heart of gold, because every business shines brighter with Golden Cleaning Services!

Microfiber cleaning cloth

Shine Bright with Every Clean: Elevate Your Business Space Today! Experience a transformation that not only cleans but also enhances the ambiance of your workspace.

First Impressions Last: Ensure Yours Sparkles with Our Commercial Cleaning. Dive into a world where every corner reflects professionalism and meticulous care.

Business in the Front, Spotless Everywhere: Choose Excellence in Commercial Cleaning. Partner with us for a cleaning solution that mirrors your business's commitment to quality and excellence.

Commercial Cleaning

We Offer

  1. Office Cleaning

  2. Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  3. Window Cleaning

  4. Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

  5. Medical Facility Cleaning

  6. Industrial Cleaning

  7. Restaurant Cleaning

  8. Retail Cleaning

  9. School and University Cleaning

  10. Event Cleaning

  11. Emergency Cleaning

  12. Green Cleaning

  13. Pressure Washing

  14. Restroom Sanitisation

  15. Ceiling and Wall Cleaning


Elevate your workspace with our professional office cleaning services. Custom solutions for businesses of all sizes. Experience unparalleled cleanliness today!


Cleaning services for hospitals


Reliable commercial cleaning for businesses seeking excellence. Our tailored services meet your unique needs, ensuring a hygienic, welcoming environment.



Specialized cleaning for healthcare facilities. Our experts uphold the highest sanitation standards, ensuring a safe, sterile environment for patient care.

Specialised cleaning for medical facilities, adhering to health and safety standards, and often includes sanitisation and disinfection services.

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Experience Home Bliss with Golden Cleaning Services!

✨ Transform your sanctuary with our touch of gold, where every corner is caressed with care.

Dive into comfort as we dust away your worries and polish your peace.

Golden homes don't just sparkle, they shine with joy. Embrace the glow!

Domestic Cleaning Services

We Offer

  1. Standard Home Cleaning

  2. Deep Cleaning

  3. Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

  4. Window Cleaning

  5. Carpet Cleaning

  6. Floor Care

  7. Kitchen Appliance Cleaning

  8. Bathroom Sanitization

  9. Eco-Friendly Cleaning

  10. Laundry Services

  11. Post-Construction Cleaning

  12. Seasonal Cleaning

  13. Pet Cleanup

  14. Garage Cleaning

  15. Outdoor/Patio Cleaning

  16. Upholstery Cleaning

  17. Pressure Washing

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Domestic Cleaning Services

Embrace the Midas touch with Golden Cleaning Services!

From mansions to cosy corners, our commitment is solid, delivering high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning without compromise.


Our team isn't just meticulous; they're customer-friendly, treating your space like royalty.


Choose Golden, where excellence meets kindness, and every home glistens. Your sanctuary, our service, together splendidly golden! 

Domestic Cleaning Services

Transform your house with our comprehensive cleaning services. From daily maintenance to deep cleaning, we ensure a spotless, professional space.


Revitalize your carpets with our advanced cleaning services. We tackle stubborn stains and hidden dirt, restoring freshness and beauty to your floors.


Let the sunshine in with our thorough window cleaning services. We specialize in leaving your home's windows streak-free, clear, and gleaming. Book your session now!


See Some of Our Residencial Projects 

Embrace a greener clean with our eco-friendly services. We use sustainable methods and products to deliver a spotless home without harming the planet.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning: At Golden Cleaning Services, our dedication to preserving the planet is ingrained in our work ethic. We meticulously select cleaning supplies that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible. Our eco-friendly solutions avoid harsh chemicals, reducing water pollution, air pollution, climate change, and waste generation, all while maintaining the safety of your household and pets.

Our non-toxic cleaning products safeguard your indoor air quality, preventing the inhalation of harmful chemicals that traditional cleaning supplies often release. This commitment extends beyond your immediate environment, contributing to the health of our ecosystem. By choosing our eco-friendly cleaning service, you're not just ensuring a spotless home, but you're also actively contributing to a more sustainable planet. With Golden Cleaning Services, cleanliness comes with the peace of mind that you're protecting your health and the earth.

Simplify your life with our standard cleaning solutions. From dusting to vacuuming, we handle the essentials, delivering a clean home without the hassle

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Cleaning Services Plans


4 Hours Residential Cleaning



Every month

Once per week

Valid for 6 months

Most Popular

6 Hours Residential Cleaning



Every month

Once per week

Valid for 6 months

Best Value

8 Hours Residential Cleaning



Every month

Once per week

Valid for 6 months


Reliable standard home cleaning at your fingertips. Our professionals provide consistent quality, keeping your living space fresh and inviting.
Golden Cleaning Services: Your Premier Choice for Domestic Cleaning in Ashford


Settle into spotlessness with our London after-moving cleaning services. We ensure your new space is pristine and welcoming from the get-go. Book today
Experience the Magic of Festivities with Pristine Spaces! Greenwich Deep Cleaning Services


Boost productivity with our professional office cleaning services. A pristine workplace awaits, where clarity and cleanliness lead to success.
Ealing's Answer to Professional Medical Cleaning in London

Healcare Cleaning

Golden Cleaning Services
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Discover real customer experiences with our top-rated cleaning services. Our testimonials reflect the quality, professionalism, and exceptional results we deliver in every home and office. See why clients trust us for all their cleaning needs!

"Since we hired Golden Cleaning Servces, the difference has been night and day. Our offices are spotless, and it's made such a positive impact on our work environment. The team is professional, thorough, and reliable. Highly recommended!" - Jane D., Office Manager

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